Our Mission

Center Court's mission is to provide counsel and assistance to the accountability courts of Chatham County as they work to reduce recidivism through a focus on personal responsibility and accountability in the individual lives of criminal offenders and in their interaction with the judicial system.  

Founded in 2014, Center Court's board combines community expertise, clinical experience, and heightened experience in the legal system to assist Chatham County's accountability courts.  

Center Court applied for IRS recognition of tax-exempt status in 2014.   The Internal Revenue Service conferred tax-exempt status on Center Court in March 2015.  For questions or documents relating to Center Court's legal status, please contact us at info@savannahcentercourt.org. 

Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors serve one, two, or three year terms.   If you are interested in being involved with the Center Court Board, please contact us at info@savannahcentercourt.org 

Spencer Lawton Jr., Esq.- Executive Director
Katherine J. Bennett
Tamie Blaha
Helen Bradley
Michael G. Crow, Ph.D
David H. Dickey, Esq. 
Sylvester C. Formey
Ulysses Jackson
Bill Kelso
Randy S. McCall
Julia Mikell, M.D.
Pilar Picota
Diane Reeder
Marc L. Roark
David Rosenblum
Alicia Scott
Micahael D. Skinner, C.P.A. 
Booker T. Washington
Retired Col. U.S.A.F. Edward I. Wexler