Chatham County has helped to make Drug Court a successful reality.  The program has rescued the clients 
that the Court serves from lives of addiction, despair, and incarceration, enabling them to live rich, rewarding, productive lives.

  • 24 month intensive outpatient treatment program consisting of five phases.
  • All participants must:
    • Attend group counseling sessions several times per week;
    • Attend individual counseling as required;
    • Attend 3 AA or NA meetings per week;
    • Attend Drug Court once per week;
    • Submit to random drug screens at least twice per week;
    • Be employed full time (or part time if the Judge approves less than full-time employment) or enrolled in college or technical school.
  • Graduation Requirements:
    • Earn a G.E.D.;
    • Perform 80 hours of community service;
    • Pay $1,500 toward the cost of treatment;
    • Pay child support and restitution obligations; and
    • Remain drug free for at least 12 months.

Per Diem Costs

SentencedPer Diem Cost