You just can’t know what its like to be broken until you have hit the bottom.  As the wife of a former proud serviceman, I watched my husband go from proud soldier to someone that was mentally not someone I knew at all.   The problem is not in the fact that people are broken when they return from war — it's that we expect them to put themselves back together again.  

But putting yourself back together, when trying to be a husband and a father is tough.  We think of a soldier as a war hero who can pull himself up by his own bootstraps and overcome any adversity.  Well, frankly, some service men come home and their boot straps have been cut off.  Sometimes you just need that help.  

Veterans Court did that for Sam.  Sam returned home from Iraq with PTSD and symptoms of depression.   After stints in the VA Hospital in Atlanta, many group sessions with other veterans, and medication, Sam wound up in the back seat of a squad car one night — the promise of healing had not happened and Sam was now facing serious consequences. 

Finally, Veterans Treatment Court provided the breakthrough we needed. Sam is no longer on pain medication and instead is being the father to our four children.  After the time in the Veterans Treatment Court he is the man that served his country and now serves his family. He regularly picks up our four children from school so I can continue my career.   We recently started a new chapter of our life and moved to a new home where I started a new job.  Without the intervention of Veterans Treatment Court, that move would not have been possible.  

Sam is not a boastful man, but I am a boastful wife and I am thankful for what Veterans Treatment Court has done for Sam. 

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